Plan D: Why the Future Belongs to the Disruptors and How to Dream, Drive and Deliver Like the Crazy Ones.


Disruptor noun \dis-rəp-tər\

The dictionary’s definition: 
Someone or something which makes a significant impact in a given industry within a short time span.

Mike Maddock’s definition:
People who blow stuff up for the good of the whole — and a far more successful future.

Introducing Plan D, a book written about — and for — you, the Disruptor.

Mike Tyson famously said, “Everybody has a plan until you get punched in the mouth.” As an innovation leader, you understand better than anyone that the pace of change is quickening. You know what it feels like to be punched in the face repeatedly by the future. You also understand that to stay ahead, you either need to be a Disruptor or know how to manage them.  

Mike and the people he calls friends leave a big wake. This book will show you how they do it.
— Marshall Goldsmith, Thinkers 50 #1 Executive Coach and only two-time #1 Leadership Thinker in the world, author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

This coming January, Maddock Douglas is proud to announce we will release our fourth book, Plan D. The book focuses on 10 Disruptor superhero powers. It was written with you in mind. Specifically, it is designed to help you adapt, invent, pivot and disrupt your own company. It will help you and your team stay four steps ahead.

Maddock Douglas has been helping leaders create and launch new products, services and business models for nearly 30 years. Along the way, we’ve been fortunate to learn from some of the most impressive and leaders on the planet. Plan D focuses on the 10 key principles we see in our best clients.  The book will teach you how to implement —and optimize them — in your organization, your people and yourself.

Among other things, you will learn:

  • Why Disruptors believe in ghosts

  • Why hate is more powerful than love

  • How leaders drive change on purpose

  • Why strategic selfishness should be admired

  • The frameworks that get “experts” out of their own way

The book will be released in January. Check back soon for the pre-sale.