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Speaking Engagements

Kick off your next event with a Maddock Douglas Thought Leader as a featured speaker. We offer thought-provoking keynote addresses for corporate events, leadership offsites and annual meetings.


Topics Covered

  • Business Growth

  • Disruption

  • Curiosity

  • Innovation

  • Speed

  • Authentic Communication

  • Regulated Industries

Our Speakers
Mike Maddock

Mike is an entrepreneur, inventor and writer. He has launched six successful businesses and written three (soon to be four) books on growth and innovation. His fun and interactive keynote presentations have consistently rated 9.5+ at business conferences around the world.

Maria Ferrante-Schepis

After more than 25 years as an executive in insurance and financial services, Maria’s charge is to focus on businesses’ most important innovation opportunities so that like-minded leaders can proactively shape their own change before they’re disrupted.

Gino Chirio

Gino has helped drive growth-through-innovation projects for many Fortune 100 companies over nearly two decades at Maddock Douglas. As a keynote speaker, he focuses on the power of strategy to support the right types of growth for every organization.

Cindy Malone

Cindy’s extensive innovation and research experience has led her to clear new paths to growth, integrating future trends with human needs to create actionable insights. The approaches and findings she shares can inspire teams to refresh their outlook on the future.

Randy Simms

Randy leverages his roots in user experience, design and development to bring a human-centered perspective to growth. His seminars and workshops inspire teams to lead with empathy and gain the confidence to prototype new solutions to their challenges.

Wes Douglas

Wes has been sketching for over 30 years and teaching for almost as long. Through the use of expressive handwriting, images and diagrams, his Speaker Sketches bring your conferences, seminars, internal planning meetings and webinars to life.

Mike was one of the highest-rated Vistage Executive Summit speakers of the year. His presentations brought in scores of 4.6 and 4.7 on a scale of 1–5, making him one of this year’s biggest success stories. He brings a fantastic energy, great insights and practical takeaways that resonate with CEOs and other business leaders.
— Steve Dobbins, SVP of Member Engagement, Vistage
In an industry that is blessed with tradition, but overshadowed by (largely) unoriginal ideas, hearing Maria present was such a breath of fresh air. She commanded the audience with her candor, authenticity, passion and humor.
— GAMA 2016 Attendee


Create change your organization can feel and see

Since 1991, Maddock Douglas has been providing its clients with the fresh thinking, innovation and diverse expertise to envision the future and build toward it.