Webinar Replay: Driving Culture Change – A Success Story

Webinar Replay: Driving Culture Change – A Success Story

What does it take to empower a global organization to practice innovation and design thinking at every level, from senior leaders to individual contributors?

West Pharmaceutical Services has done just that.

Their push to create a Culture of Innovation has been a multi-year journey — and they’ve discovered valuable lessons and best practices along the way. In this webinar, Randy Simms, senior vice president at Maddock Douglas, and Christian Eichhorn, Director of Innovation Management at West, discuss their partnership that has truly driven culture change in a global organization of 7,500+ employees.

Watch the webinar to learn what it takes to:

  • Write an innovation playbook to be a single source of truth

  • Harness your internal talent with an innovation ambassador program

  • Empower individuals to tackle problems on the fly with workshop “meal kits”

  • Engage a global organization, in person and virtually

  • Find common language that cuts through the jargon around innovation

The video is also available on Vimeo.

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