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Custom engagements reinvigorate your business with fresh thinking


Stagnation is deadly. We partner with forward-thinking leaders who have a shared passion for customer needs to grow strategically and embrace change. With our strategic growth-planning capabilities and innovation expertise, together we can catapult your business above and beyond the competition.

Our practitioners have decades of experience working with established organizations to not only create new ideas and processes, but also to truly embed new mindsets and ways of working within your team. This consulting work is often paired with future-focused research to create richer results.



  • Reinvigorate your company and culture with fresh thinking

  • Strengthen relationships with customers built on empathy and authenticity

  • Build solid foundations for sustainable innovation and continued success

  • Develop a pipeline of actionable ideas for your teams to test and bring to market


Develop a clear plan for the future of your business. We help you identify, outline and act on opportunities for growth based on your company’s unique strengths.

Innovation Program Design

Create and sustain a culture of innovation. Our team works closely with yours to design a program with processes, structures and metrics that fit your organization. We are committed to the critical follow-on work that eases the pains of cultural change, empowers internal champions and helps you successfully manage and fine-tune your program going forward. 

  • Culture-building campaigns and programs

  • Innovation portfolio management

  • Success metrics & KPIs

Customer Experience

Build strong, lasting relationships with your customers. Balance short-range and long-term customer experience priorities by achieving quick wins and developing strategic plans to serve your customers through superior, empathy-based services and experiences.

  • Persona development

  • Journey mapping

  • Authentic communication

  • Immersive experiences and employee empathy-building

  • Human-centered design

New Services & Experiences

Seize market opportunities that match both your company’s strengths and your customer’s needs. Together we employ proven methods to find new opportunities, articulate customer insights and fill your pipeline with new ideas — and develop a framework to conduct reliable evaluation.

  • Opportunity identification and idea co-creation

  • Boundary rules and evaluation criteria

  • Prototyping and concept testing


Where are you stuck right now?

Maddock Douglas is an insights-driven growth consultancy with 25+ years of experience helping established brands reinvigorate their businesses and build toward the future.


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