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Expertly designed research empowers leaders to make informed decisions


Identifying growth objectives and planning next steps can feel speculative and unpredictable. Through future-focused research, Maddock Douglas can help quantify opportunities and mitigate risk. 

With a human-centered approach, we ask the questions that others would never think to ask and use data and insights to predict what customers can’t yet envision or articulate. This practice is at the heart of innovation and design thinking, and it’s the key to moving from an incomplete or outdated worldview to rich new knowledge. Our research is highly customized and the data we collect is often used to drive a larger strategic engagement.



  • Identify target markets with confidence

  • Fuel strategic initiatives with deep understanding of customer needs, challenges and desires

  • Mitigate risk through trend analysis and insights prioritization

  • Understand and then innovate for the future needs of your customers

ForesightRx: Trend Impact, Future Needs & the Next Big Ideas

Use ForesightRx to envision the future with greater certainty and less risk. Evaluate probable customer truths that will propel tomorrow’s growth, and understand why, how and when these changes in the market and consumer behavior are likely to unfold. Your organization will gain the edge to better predict and outpace disruption.

  • Prediction markets

  • Risk assessment and guidance

  • Trend analysis and timing

  • Future needs testing

Identify tomorrow’s targets while meeting today’s needs and objectives. Your segmentation becomes an asset for the organization for years to come, and can be used to optimize your decision-making and prioritize customer-centric activities for the present and the future.

  • Segmentation

  • Market sizing

  • Data-driven decision-making

Durable Segmentation

Ethnography & User Research

Understand your customer’s goals and challenges, and dive deep into the user’s experience to paint a rich portrait of unmet needs and acute pain points.

  • Contextual inquiry

  • Experience modeling

  • Structured interviews

  • Day-in-the-life study

Insight Development & Testing

Understand and articulate the driving forces behind the actions, thoughts and behaviors of your customers, and prioritize which needs should be met first. Uncover meaningful knowledge from thoughtfully cultivated data and transform observations into insights that reflect your market.

  • Consumer interviews and observation collection

  • Co-creative insight writing and synthesis

  • Value proposition testing and prioritization


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