We are pleased to announce that Maria Ferrante-Schepis has been newly appointed as President of the firm.

Maria joined Maddock Douglas in 2010, bringing her experience as an insurance executive to start and grow a specific innovation practice area in insurance and financial services. Later, she took on an expanded leadership role at Maddock Douglas, playing an integral part in the company’s direction, expansion of services and in continuously reimagining the business. She is now well known as an author, speaker and industry thought leader.

“Maria has demonstrated her ability to lead thought both in her category of expertise and in the general discipline of innovation,” says Mike Maddock, 
co-founder and CEO of Maddock Douglas. “Her skills as a visionary have served Maddock Douglas well. In her new role, she will leverage those skills to refine and execute on the vision to further grow our company, and live into our mission to help leaders in industries focused on life’s most difficult and pivotal choices.”

Immediate strategic plans for the firm include expanding innovation thought leadership platforms in specific innovation disciplines of growth strategy, consumer insight, culture and customer experience, as well as leveraging learnings from the insurance and financial space to critical industries that support the health, lifestyle and mental well-being of the public. 

“I am honored to be charged with this important role at Maddock Douglas, and to carry out the mission envisioned very early on by Mike Maddock, and enhanced by what we have learned over the years,” says Maria Ferrante-Schepis. "Our exceptional team of experts is more than ready to take on the challenges ahead and empower our clients to shape their future in new and impactful ways.”