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Fuel game-changing ideas and inspire teams for growth

Expert Speakers

Kick off your next event with a Maddock Douglas Thought Leader as a featured speaker. We offer thought-provoking keynote addresses for corporate events, leadership offsites and annual meetings.



  • Reinvigorate your company and culture with fresh thinking

  • Strengthen relationships with customers built on empathy and authenticity

  • Build solid foundations for sustainable innovation and continued success

  • Develop a pipeline of actionable ideas for your teams to test and bring to market


Develop a clear plan for the future of your business. We help you identify, outline and act on opportunities for growth based on your company’s unique strengths.

  • Sustainable growth strategy

  • Unique positioning plan

  • Roadmap for the future

Customer Experience

Build strong, lasting relationships with your customers. We can help you balance short-range and long-term customer experience priorities by helping your team achieve quick wins and develop strategic plans to serve your customers through superior, empathy-based services and experiences.

  • Persona development

  • Journey mapping

  • Authentic communication

  • Immersive experiences and employee empathy-building

  • Human-centered design


Where are you stuck right now?

Maddock Douglas is an insights-driven growth consultancy with 25+ years of experience helping established brands reinvigorate their businesses and build toward the future.


Featured  |   GE Healthcare

Empowering People We Love To Live More Strongly At Home

GE Healthcare asked Maddock Douglas to help them think about the needs of an aging population and their caregivers differently.