Upset the Status Quo

Aaron Proietti and Ryan Silhavy
12:00 PM EST // 9:00 AM PST

Join Innovation Strategist Ryan Silhavy as he interviews Aaron Proietti about his new book, and his years of leadership experience with making innovation real in large organizations.

For many organizations, their status quo is their competitive advantage, giving them reason to maintain their inertia, eliminate uncertainties, and ward off threats. But the fate for most is stagnation and erosion in the form of performance degradation and/or lagging financials. When that happens, an organization's status quo will become an anchor, which makes growth and innovation challenging.

This webinar will explore Aaron Proietti's new book, Today's Innovator, which gives those who must innovate a blueprint for creating an environment where innovation can thrive in their organizations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Common roadblocks to innovation in large companies

  • The role of the innovator

  • How to challenge an organization’s status quo, strategically