Maria Ferrante-Schepis, Randy Simms and Elliott Wallace
01:00 PM EDT // 10:00 AM PDT

Watch a preview of the webinar with Maria and Elliott. (2 min)

In the age of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, insurance companies must avoid crossing a shifting ethical line in their applications. In the past, we discussed ways to help consumers understand the nature of insurance to make them more comfortable with sharing data. But how will evolving data privacy concerns change the conversation?

In part two of four in this webinar series, we’ll explore the central phases of the Customer Experience Cycle — Orient and Transact — which are what truly brings someone from a prospect to a client. These critical interactions rely heavily on the equitable exchange of data, and we’ll discuss how to create enough “return on information” to make it worthwhile. Case examples and a live Q&A will be featured.