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Building Innovation Capacity in the Rapidly Evolving Insurance Market

Building Innovation Capacity in the Rapidly Evolving Insurance Market

In a collaborative relationship, Maddock Douglas worked closely with the leadership and management of a global insurance company to embed innovation into their organization and to transform their culture by empowering new attitudes and behaviors and developing new products and services.


  • Fostered a culture and organization that is more agile and able to embrace and drive innovation, with greater partner engagement and synergy

  • Co-created over a dozen potentially breakthrough, well-validated new product concepts with the help of channel partners

  • Executed a quantitative assessment of culture and innovation readiness

  • Diagnosed and prescribed an action plan across the enterprise to improve innovation capacity and transform the culture for innovation

  • Enlisted and trained more than 100 Culture of Innovation Ambassadors across nearly a dozen locations to witness, influence and empower the system

  • Designed a communications architecture and a suite of Innovation Workshop training programs, touching more than 6,000 employees


In the rapidly and dramatically changing landscape of the insurance industry, this company asked Maddock Douglas to help them work with channel partners to co-create new products and services focused on the customer of the future and to prepare their workforce to understand, digest, support and propagate the changes implied by innovation.