Maddock Douglas has leveraged its 27 years of experience in helping companies restore relevance and stake out new growth opportunities to create a new suite of services called Quick Wins. These services are designed to pair Maddock Douglas experts with corporate CX or innovation teams to move the needle on targeted customer experience metrics such as low or slow adoption, engagement or satisfaction.

The suite includes three new services covering three areas: Quick Wins in the Experience Cycle, Quick Wins in Authentic Communication, and Quick Wins in Digital Transactions. Each is designed to be completed in six (6) months or less.

  • Quick Wins in the Experience Cycle uses first-hand consumer research to uncover potential blind spots in the customer experience, then identify and deliver high-impact, low-investment interventions to improve key metrics.
  • Quick Wins in Authentic Communication improves written, electronic or verbal communications, by bringing them in alignment with five (5) foundational design principles.
  • Quick Wins in Digital Transactions is a way to gain new perspective on one or more phases of any digital transaction, and gain more confidence in its effectiveness.

"In our experience, we've seen that even small changes to critical touch points can make a big difference for consumers. The Quick Wins approach helps us pinpoint which ones will give us the most 'bang for our buck,'" said Randy Simms, Senior Vice President of Experience Design at Maddock Douglas.

All of the new offerings involve a collaborative approach to gain maximum buy-in from the organization.

"With a quick win or two under their belts, our clients' everyday lives improve in leaps and bounds, because the gains from innovation aren't theoretical anymore. They're real. And it gives them credit with the organization that they can spend on more transformational projects moving forward," said Simms.