Introducing ForesightRx


What is ForesightRx?

The exclusive ForesightRx offering helps give your team the data you need to understand how, when and why your customers’ needs will change in the future. With a new methodology harnessing prediction markets, your organization will be empowered to make decisions, set priorities and move quicker than your competitors.

Three Flavors of ForesightRx

ForesightRx assessments can be used to quantify many different types of predictions — from future events to potentially disruptive ideas that would mean making a big, long-range bet on market viability.


Trend Impact

  • What big changes and disruptions are coming? When, why and how?

  • What new opportunities and risks will that create for my business?


Future Needs

  • What unmet needs will emerge due to anticipated market disruptions?

  • What are the future opportunity spaces my business should start thinking about now?


The Next Big Ideas

  • What new product and service concepts will be in high demand in the future?

  • What user experiences will my target audience want and expect?